5 March 2014
For Youths

China-Quotient Student Forum 2014

600 Singapore youths urged to hone their China-readiness

The China-Quotient Student Forum 2014 held on 5 March at Jurong Junior College attracted more than 600 students from across 12 junior colleges, polytechnics and secondary schools in attendance. The Forum was jointly organised by Business China and Jurong Junior College.

The Forum, with the theme of ‘Rising China: Globalisation Opportunities for Bilingual & Bicultural Youths’, aims to motivate Singaporean students to seize the myriad of opportunities presented by China’s exponential economic growth.

Three guest speakers with diverse backgrounds and extensive working experience in China shared their personal insights on the importance for Singaporean youths to build up bicultural competency, develop a global outlook and be more pro-active in creating and harnessing opportunities brought about by a rising China.

First speaker Mr Chia Kim Huat, Go East Committee Member of Business China and Executive Committee Partner: Head of Corporate & Transactional Practice, Rajah & Tann LLP, started off his speech on a light-hearted note when he quipped that he is an example of “高富帅” (tall, rich and handsome – a popular term in China describing the accomplished in society). Quoting this as an example of being bicultural, he shared the importance for Singaporean youths to not just have the ability to speak Mandarin, but also to be well-versed with the latest developments in China. In addition, Mr Chia also shared his personal observations on the increased English proficiency level of Chinese youths over the years, and hence urged Singaporean students to continue building up their bilingual capabilities and international outlook in order to better engage with China and gain a headstart in future-proofing themselves.

The second speaker, Mr Arthur Loo, Principal Consultant of Harbourlink Consultant Associates and Partner at ITT Global Learning Pte Ltd, has been living and working in Shanghai for the past 13 years. Through an interactive game with the students, he illustrated that there would always be more than one solution to a problem. He urged students to stay inquisitive and think out of the box to create a desired future based on their core interest and competency.

Ms Ming Chew, Executive Director of Vision Park Education, with her extensive experience living and studying abroad and her broad global outlook, further inspired students to stay enthusiastic, pursue their interests and fulfil their own aspirations rather than that of others’. She encouraged Singaporean youths to consider the paths less-travelled and venture out of Singapore to take on the world.

Li Yi Lun from Jurong Junior College enjoyed the interesting mix of speakers at the Forum. He said, “It was a great opportunity to listen, learn and interact with the experienced speakers. Their inspiring stories and humourous anecdotes left a deep impression on me.”

Lim Wan Rong, a Jurong Junior College Year 2 student expressed that, “This Forum is indeed inspiring and timely as I am at the stage where I’m pondering about my future and exploring various avenues, including heading to China.”

Chairman of Business China, Mr Chua Thian Poh, attended the Forum to give a welcome address and interacted with educators and youths present.